Ecosystem – Alpha Demo

Ecosystem is an innovative underwater ecosystem simulation game where you build habitats to nurture different types of fish and watch as they randomly evolve into all manner of bizarre looking oddities.

In Ecosystem you have a vast underwater sandbox in which you can build a diverse ecosystem where all different kinds of weird and wonderful looking fish can evolve. You start by placing rocks to create a sheltered area fish can use as a nursery, then you place some seed creatures in them, sort out a breeding ground for them and make sure they have food nearby. There are various types of seed creature (forager, filter-feeder, predator, etc.), each of which has their own nursery and has their own type of food.

It’s all very easy to do and you can have a thriving little ecosystem set up within 15 minutes, but that’s when the fun is just beginning in Ecosystem. All of the fish in the game are evolving virtual lifeforms, with their own synthetic DNA which codes everything from their skeletal structure to their joint-types and mental processes. The creatures’ DNA can mutate, combine with other creatures or be directly modified by the player. All of which can cause some incredibly weird looking fish to evolve. These fish are also bound by the laws of “fishics” – which means that they use their joints and their weirdly shaped bodies to swim as they would have to in real-life.

Ecosystem isn’t due for a full release until 2020, but it’s already a lot of fun to play around with. Setting up your ecosystems is remarkably easy and watching as the sea-life around you evolves is a fascinating experience. A remarkable underwater experience with a constantly evolving ecosystem that’s full of beautiful sights. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Ecosystem Alpha Demo Here (Steam)