Eden’s Guardian – Beta Demo

Eden’s Guardian is a 2D metroidvania adventure where a mortal descendant of a god fights to free her world from a mysterious curse.

In the medieval fantasy world of Eden’s Guardian a god once fell in love with a mortal and their descendants inherited divine powers that they used to rule the world. At first they were benevolent, but as the generations passed their power weakened. They then turned to dark magic which brought them strength, but also plunged them into madness. You are a descendent who has broken free of your ancestors’ grand ambitions, but when you escape into the world you find it in the grips with a mysterious curse that’s shrouding it in darkness.

The gameplay in Eden’s Guardian blends precision platfoming with challenging combat and some nifty sword-based abilities. The initial tutorial area is a little generic, but once you get into the game properly the gameplay gets much more interesting and the enemies put up much more of a fight. The pixel artwork also looks excellent and the ability to throw your sword and teleport to it allows for some clever traversal potions. A very promising new metroidvania adventure.

Download the Eden’s Guardian Beta Demo Here (Steam)