EEK3 – Virtual Show Floor

EEK3 Virtual Show Floor is a fantastic little virtual E3 style trade expo that’s filled with exhibits of upcoming retro styled horror games!

E3 may have bit the dust this year, but to be honest the EEK3 Virtual Show Floor is a lot more fun anyway. It’s a large virtual show floor that you can wander around in, watch charmingly heavily compressed trailers of upcoming retro styled horror games. Quite a few of the games will be familiar to readers of Alpha Beta Gamer, and there are plenty of familiar faces too – because there are lots of characters from upcoming and released retro styled horror games hanging about too. There’s even a little fetch-quest puzzle adventure built in that you need to complete to reach the final room.

It’s packed full of interesting games to discover and it’s nice to see some familiar faces from your favorite games. It’s actually a great concept too. We’ve covered virtual art exhibitions here before, but EEK3 proves that virtual game expos could really work too, and it’s much more fun than barging your way through sweaty E3 crowds!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Check Out the EEK3 Livestream Here

Download EEK3 Virtual Show Floor Here (Windows)