Efi – Game Jam Build Download

Your baby birds have fallen out of the nest, but in Efi, you can collect them back up, despite being only a bird head with an extremely long neck.

Your birds seem to have fallen into various dungeon-like levels, where you start at a doorway and move forward, automatically. To control yourself in Efi, you can adjust to be moving left or right, but you can’t ever stop. Hitting walls or your own neck forces you back to the door you entered, making you redo that level before you exit. Some levels have your baby birds in them, which you need to collect before going out of the room – and boy are there a lot of baby birds lost!

As you get deeper into the game, these rooms open up to more challenging rooms. You’ll suddenly be trying to get birds out of rooms with dead ends, looping through small tunnels, in hopes of getting back out the door. The floor has speed-up tiles, forcing you forward at a much faster speed, before you hit the normal floor again moving back at a different speed.

Efi is a really interesting concept that offers a real challenge, especially if you run into a dead end. Soon you actually get to choose between various doors, which means that there is some doubling back, but once you get the hang of the game, you’ll be picking up your baby birds without hesitation.

Download or play Efi Here (Browser, Win, Mac & Linux)