Eggineer – Alpha Demo

Eggineer is a fun physics-based sandbox game where you attempt to construct vehicles that can safely transport a fragile little egg through perilous obstacle courses.

In each level of Eggineer you’re tasked with transporting an egg from the start point to the level goal. However, there’s often a tricky combination of obstacles, enemies, and explosives in your way so your little egg’s not just going to be able to just roll on through. You can use a variety of building blocks to construct all manner of machines that can help though – from cannon-weilding tanks to functioning helicopters.

It’s a promising game that looks set to be perfect for a bit of sandbox physics-based fun. The vehicle construction is very intuitive and you can knock up a functioning vehicle in under a minute. You can easily build a wide variety of vehicles and thankfully it streamlines the control of mechanically powered pieces (such as wheels) so that they automatically drive in the correct direction when you use them. An eggcellent physics-based puzzler well worth checking out.

Download The Eggineer Alpha Demo Here (Steam)