Eight Evil Treats For Halloween!

With Halloween drawing near, it’s time to dig out seven of our favorite horror games from the past year. There’s a mixture of puzzles, action platforming, retro survival horror, psychological horror and terrifying jump scares, so should be something for everyone. Have a happy Halloween!

Sara Is Missing (S.I.M.) – A masterpiece of mobile horror.

Re:Turn – One Way Trip – Surreal and cerebral 2D horror puzzle adventure aboard a haunted train.

Innocence – Super creepy first person survival horror that draws inspiration from the PS1 era.

V.H.S. (Video Horror Story) – Short and intense first person horror adventure in which you adjust the tracking in the video to see monsters and objects.

Murder Mansion – Charming Low Poly Survival Horror Inspired by Resident Evil 1.

Emily Wants To Play Too – Enjoy playing with Emily and her freaky dolls (plenty of jump scares).

Heliophobia – Jump from one nightmare to another (and another) in this surreal psychological horror.

The Crow Stones – Challenging Soulsian metroidvania set in the bowels of Hell.