Ejected Star – Beta Demo

Ejected Star is a funny and fully voiced Sci-Fi point and click adventure that follows a hapless Second Class Weapons Officer as he tries to deal with an evil robot that’s sabotaging the ship he’s stationed on.

Feeling like a blend of Star Trek and a classic Lucasarts style point and click adventure, Ejected Star takes the rather eventful story of a lowly crewmember who ends up being the only thing standing between the destruction of his entire spaceship. After being called to investigate a possible hull leak (because all the other important personnel are busy doing something useful), you venture down to deck 17 to investigate. It doesn’t take too long to fix the leak, but it turns out the leak is the least of your problems as you have a robotic saboteur onboard who is planning to blow up the whole ship. Time to use your wits to thwart his nefarious plans…

Ejected Star plays a lot like a classic Lucasarts style point and click adventure (minus the SCUMM interface), with you searching for clues and useful objects, then using them to tackle the various obstacles it throws your way. It’s pretty intuitive and the puzzles are well thought out, with some fun solutions.

It’s a very promising start to what looks set to be an excellent old school point and click adventure. The pixel art animation is well done, the puzzles are inventive, the story is a lot of fun and the voice acting is excellent. A well crafted Sci-Fi adventure with a great sense of humor.

Download The Ejected Star Beta Demo Here (Steam)