Eko – Game Jam Build


Eko, a charming game made for the Indies vs Gamers Jam, has you climbing and battling your way to the top of a huge sky tower within 3 minutes.

You play as an adorable little white character with a cape, who must climb, jump, and shoot their way to the top of a massive tower. This golden tower is filled with enemies, spikes, disappearing platforms, and much more. Each level that you climb up gives you more perils to face. Lava enemies that bounce are looking to light you onfire, purple floating enemies and tiki heads shoot at you, and blue balls fly towards you. You must fight your way higher and higher.

You can’t hang around in Eko as it has a time limit of just three minutes to scale the tower – if you last that long. The more wall climbing and jumping, the easier it is to fall or die to one of the many enemies. You can shoot and kill these enemies and they’ll drop a smattering of coins. If you die, these coins can then be used at the bottom of the tower, where there are chests with upgrades allowing you to upgrade your jumps, health or weaponry.

All of these upgrades will really help you get farther. You’ll still have to keep your wits around you though as each time you replay Eko the tower is slightly different.  How far will you get?

Play Eko in your Unity Supported browser HERE