Eldest Souls – Beta Demo

Eldest Souls is a brutally tough and beautifully animated boss rush pixel art RPG adventure that follows a lone knight as he attempts to slay the gods and restore balance to the world.

Playing a little like Titan Souls or Raindancer, but with more of an interactable world and RPG elements, Eldest Souls follows the adventure of a little knight with a big sword as he attempts to vanquish the world of the Old Gods. Long ago the Old Gods were imprisoned in a Citadel and humanity prospered, but now they have unleashed a great desolation upon the world. You must now enter the citadel and slay the gods to banish the desolation and return the world to its former glory.

Eldest Souls features a large dying world to explore. It’s a boss rush game so there are no enemies to fight other than the bosses, but there are items and secrets to discover and NPCs to chat to – who may aid you in some way if you find the right item to give them.

The demo build features the first two bosses in the game and a sizable chunk of the world to explore. The combat takes a while to master and focuses on you using a charged attack which allows you to recover health and unleash a powerful “Blood-Burst” attack. Defeating a boss allows you to unlock a new ability from a choice of three, but your choice isn’t locked-in, so you can respec your abilities to give you the best chance against each boss. You’ll really need all the help you can get too as the bosses are very tough and it can take as little as two hits to kill you!

It’s a very promising game with high quality pixel art animation, an interesting lore and some brutal boss fights. Certainly not for casual gamers, but if you’re looking for something that offers a real challenge, Eldest Souls has you covered.

Download The Eldest Souls Beta Demo Here (Only Available For The Next 1 Days)