Eldrich Drop – Game Jam Build Download

eldrich drop game

Eldrich Drop is a short, silly and super cool dubstep DJ simulator in which you play kick ass tunes to some happy ravers, building the song and building up the crowds excitement until you slaughter them all with ‘the Drop’ and sacrifice their souls to appease the Eldrich gods!

Eldrich Drop is simple to play but immensely satisfying. You start with an empty dance floor and DJ mixing table in front of you which has three different dubstep beats that you can mix or switch between by pressing the A,S & D buttons, as well as using cool visual effects by pressing the L and G buttons.

As you lay down some sweet beats and the crowds draw in your ‘Hype’ levels start to rise. Once it’s nearly full it’s time to reach a crescendo, slowly building the crowd to an epic climax which you then capitalise on by unleashing ‘the Drop’ – creating a dance floor that’s so euphoric that everyone on it explodes into a shower of blood, clearing the floor and satisfying the Eldrich gods.

It’s a pretty easy game and is over a little too soon, but for the short time you’re behind that mixing table pumping out some (literally) explosive tunes you’ll feel like a superstar dubstep DJ. A fun little game that’s well worth putting on your playlist – and make sure to crank up the volume to fully experience those sick beats!

Download Eldrich Drop Here (Win & Mac)