ELECTRA – Game Jam Build Download

Electra game download

ELECTRA is a very cleverly crafted first person puzzle adventure that’s played entirely via a series of security cameras that you can switch between as you take on the role of a virus that’s attempting to infiltrate a space station.

The game world of ELECTRA is viewed entirely via security cameras that can be switched between via line of sight, a little like in Watch Dogs 2. The majority of the cameras can be rotated to give you a better view of your surroundings and there are various other electronic devices you can interact with, such as computers and keypads – which can be used to aid your progress through the ship.

ELECTRA was created during just 72 hours for the AGDG Weekend Jam so it’s pretty short, but it packs some very inventive puzzles and a great sense of atmosphere into its short playtime. Hopefully the devs continue to work on it as this camera-hopping puzzle adventure shows a lot of promise and we’d love to explore more of that mysterious space station.

Note: The mouse wheel is used to zoom in and out (you’ll need it to solve a puzzle)

Download ELECTRA Here (Win & Mac)