Electric Moon – Game Jam Build

electric moon

Electric Moon, a puzzling platformer made for the Less Than 5 Minutes of Play Jam, has you running from an evil robot moon.

In this challenging game, you play a robot who needs to destroy the electric moon. This moon floats around you, looking to charge at you and destroy you (Imagine the sun from Super Mario Brothers 2, but instead a strange, robo-moon of sorts). A little triangle floating around your character tells you where the moon is. Paranoia ensues as the moon floats around looking to attack you.

To destroy the moon, you must search around the level for doors to squares. These empty squares must then be brought to the fountain of rainbows and then thrown at the moon. This is no easy task, you must search, jump, and dodge that ever-following moon. There are some checkpoints around the map, as well as blue dots that will send you back to your respawn point. You do get one dummy of yourself, that the moon will try to break for a limited amount of time, but with only 5 lives, this game becomes pretty challenging.  Can you beat the unstoppable Electric Moon?

Play Electric Moon in your browser HERE