Electric Trains – Beta Download

Electric Trains is a fast paced and addictive arcade train driving game where you hurtle from station to station, being sure to switch tracks and control your speed to avoid crashing into obstacles and other trains.

It may sound like an odd thing to say about a train driving simulation game, but Electric Trains is actually quite a thrilling experience. Unlike most train driving sims, Electric Trains is much more dynamic and easier to pick up and play. Controls are limited to accelerating, braking, switching track, reversing and opening/closing the doors at platforms. This allows for much faster gameplay, as you speed along the tracks and make split-second decisions to switch tracks and avoid causing massive pile-ups.

There’s a selection of different missions in the current build, taking around five to ten minutes each, with you travelling from station to station and letting passengers on and off. There’s a nice selection of train types to drive, including cargo trains which require you to couple and decouple cargo.

It could perhaps do with a little more spectacle when you crash a train, more passengers at stations and a little more variety in the environment (towns maybe), but the core gameplay is already very addictive in Electric Trains. It really tests your reflexes and gives you a real thrill as you speed along the tracks, overtaking other trains and switching tracks at the last second to narrowly avoid collisions. Highly recommended.

Download or Play Electric Trains Beta Here (Windows & Browser)