Elegy – Student Project Download

Elegy Full Game Download

Elegy is a beautiful third person adventure in which you and your robot companion solve puzzles and journey through a long dead robotic civilisation, now littered with the rusting remains of giant robotic behemoths and broken machinery.

In Elegy you control a young woman with a only one arm, who along with a robotic head that she comes across goes in search of her missing brother. There are still a few mechanisms that are operational, but on the whole this once great civilisation is long dead. Massive robots litter the landscape as giant metallic reminders of a great civilisation that’s long since perished – in fact at times as you wander through it feels like some sort of epilogue to Horizon: Zero Dawn, set long after the humans have won.

There are some interesting circuit-board puzzles to solve that see you cutting wires to line up electrical circuits correctly, but on the whole Elegy is more about the experience and exploring its fascinating game world. It’s worth taking your time to thoroghly explore the world as the design is fantastic throughout and is packed with lots of little touches that really make it feel like you’re wandering through a place where a robotic civilisation has lived, thrived and died. It’s a beautiful, sad and thoughtful little game, that as the title suggests, serves as a lament for the dead. Highly recommended.

Note: It can be a little tricky to spot your little robotic head companion. He’s up in a tree near the first gate.

Download Elegy Here (Windows)