Elengrad – Game Jam Build

Elengrad is a charming little 2D pixel art metroidvania adventure where you uncover a dark mystery about an evil that has been unleashed upon your land.

In Elengrad you take on the role of one of the descendants of the brave warriors that once helped a great king banish evil from the land. Now it seems that the evil has returned and you are sworn to travel the land and help those who are unprepared to combat it. After visiting a small village it appears that goblins have kidnapped one of the villagers and another villager has hanged themselves. Time to investigate…

As you explore the surrounding area you’ll discover secrets, collect useful items and battle goblins, wildlife, monsters and spirits. In true metroidvania fashion you find items and unlock new abilities that allow you to access new areas and along the way you keep on encountering a mysterious stranger who disappears when you get close.

It’s a fun, and surprisingly large metroidvania adventure with beautiful pixel art visuals, quirky characters, a fun sense of humor and some interesting twists along the way. There it perhaps a little too much backtracking and your little sword really isn’t particularly good at dispatching enemies, but it’s a great little metroidvania adventure nonetheless. Highly recommended.

Play Elengrad Here (Browser)

3 thoughts on “Elengrad – Game Jam Build”

  1. I really wanted to complete this game, but I got to the second boss and quit. If I would have known I was going to fight him, I’d have used the fireplace to the right of his location. Having to go through 2 screens of enemies when I respawn to start his battle and not being able to use a closer checkpoint ruined it for me. Either I have to be careful going through the enemy screens avoiding everyone or cut them all down a try to build up my soul meter for the boss.

  2. Hello Guys,
    there is new version available – among other changes there is the ‘desired’ campfire and knockback after hitting enemies :). Also the game works on mobile, though Today we found small bug related to reading signs.

    You can check all the changes over here:

    + Thank you so much Alpha Beta Gamer for this nice review! Please feel free to have a look at the updated version. Somewhere around the end of October there should be major update that will introduce new areas to the game. Also one of the new item will significantly decrease number of times you need to go all the way to the village! :)

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