Eliosi’s Hunt – Alpha Demo (Steam)

Eliosis Hunt

Eliosi’s Hunt is a slick top down sci-fi shooter/action platformer in which you explore a vibrant alien world, filled with mutant creatures, deadly alien tribes and killer robots.

In Eliosi’s Hunt you control Eliosi, a novice bounty hunter who’s finding his first contract a little more challenging than expected. There are a wide variety of deadly enemies to contend with, as well as deadly hazards in the environment. Eliosi has some useful equipment at his disposal though, with weaponry and useful items such as jetpacks scattered around the world, as well as the ability to upgrade your robot drone companion and your own skills. The checkpoints also have an interesting risk/reward aspect, with you able to destroy the checkpoint in return for skill upgrades (but lose the ability to restart from there).

Eliosi’s Hunt impresses with it’s lush visuals, challenging gameplay, tight controls and interesting game world that really does feel like you’re trespassing in an alien ecosystem. Certainly worth checking out for some top down sci-fi shooter action.

Download The Eliosi’s Hunt Alpha Demo Here (Steam)