Elypse – Alpha Download

Elypse is a very tough precision platforming metroidvania where you dash and slash your way through a mysterious abyss that is worshipped and feared by your people.

The fast paced platforming metroidvania gameplay of Elypse takes place inside a mysterious abyss that your people fear and worship. It is home to a powerful and insatiable force that your people keep at bay by offering up a sacrifice every 10 years. You are this decade’s sacrifice but if you traverse the abyss and defeat the horrors within it then you may escape in one piece.

The gameplay in Elypse blends open world 2D metroidvania style exploration with brutally tough insta-death precision platforming. You unlock a variety of abilities as you progress, but your main skill is being able to dash in any direction, which allows you to string together multiple dashes in a row and navigate challenging obstacles.

The artwork in Elypse is fantastic and the gameplay offers a real challenge, requiring real precision to dodge its deadly hazards. The character movement is very fluid and the dashing mechanics are a lot of fun. See if you can dash your way out of the abyss!

Download Elypse Here (Windows)