Elysis – Alpha Demo

Elysis game

Elysis is a charming and well crafted Link To The Past-esque top down action RPG in that focuses on gratifying, skill based combat as you explore it’s deadly monster-filled world.

Even though Elysis is still very early in development, the Alpha Demo is a very highly polished experience, with excellent pixel art animation, engaging combat and a fun and easily accessible tutorial. The current build features 29 different monsters, a sizeable slice of gameplay and fifteen different items of equipment to get to grips with. This equipment can even be modified by using the 23 different add-ons which can be used to them unique properties.

The world of Elysis is a joy to explore, packed with excellent pixel art animation and interesting enemies that make your battle for survival exactly that – a battle. The combat in Elysis isn’t all about the stats as in other action RPGs, here you’ll need real skill as you fight, learn enemy movement patterns and dodge attacks – in fact with so much happening on screen it can feel like a bullet hell shooter at times. After sampling the delights of the current build, we can’t wait to see what more the world of Elysis has in store for us.

Download the Elysis Alpha Demo Here