Emberward – Beta Demo

Emberward is a tower defense game where you use Tetris style blocks to build mazes for the enemies to walk through while you bombard them with your towers.

The core gameplay in Emberward is similar to most tower defense games – you place towers to prevent waves of enemies from making it to your base. However, Emberward has a big focus on maze-building, with you being granted a selection of tetromino pieces at the start of each round and placing them to try and impede the progress of the enemies.

You can also build towers atop the tetrominos, allowing you to rain down on your enemies from above. The game also features a roguelite progression system, with you able to unlock new towers, talents and buff cards as you play.

It’s an addictive and easily accessible take on the tower defense genre, with fun mazing mechanics and plenty of upgrades. Another example of Tetris making a game even better!

Download The Emberward Beta Demo Here (Steam)