Embr – Beta Demo

Embr is a wonderfully chaotic first person firefighter simulation game where you chop down doors, extinguish fires and save lives while working for a hyper-capitalist private firefighting company.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, Embr blends humor, capitalism, physics-based chaos and firefighting. In the game you take on the role of an employee of “Embr” – essentially the Uber of private firefighting companies. After receiving a firefighting job on your phone you must then go to the the residence and try to save its hapless inhabitants from the flames (or your incompetence) and “rescue” any spare cash that’s lying around too.

Embr is playable in single-player or online multiplayer. You can approach each house in a variety of different ways, but speed is of the essence as the fire spreads quickly. There’s a selection of different loadouts available, which equip you with a variety of different fire fighting equipment, such as grappling hooks, ladders and a trusty axe.

You need to find the residents and carry them or throw them to safety. You have to be careful when doing this though as they can’t survive big falls – unless you place a trampoline for them to fall onto. You only need to rescue a few of the residents to complete the level, but if you rescue all of them then you’ll get a better Embr rating and any cash rescued can come in handy too.

It’s a fantastic game that does a great job of blending humor, physics-based chaos and semi-authentic firefighting simulation. The freedom you’re given to tackle each blaze is remarkable and the way the fire spreads across the walls is quite a sight. Highly recommended.

Download The Embr Beta Demo Here (Only Available For One More Day)