Embuscade – Game Jam Build Download

Embuscade is a short, atmospheric and disturbing voxel based Unreal Engine 4-powered first person horror experience that sees you roaming a desolate, post-apocalyptic city and attempting to survive by eating garbage.

Taking under 10 minutes to complete, the gameplay in Embuscade is fairly simple – you explore the city and rummage through garbage to keep your hunger at bay. There’s a great sense of atmosphere though, the ending packs a real punch and the way the narrative unfolds via the fragments of information you glean from the various hazard signs that line the streets is very clever.

It’s a very well crafted slice of voxel based horror, with fantastic audio/visual design, a real sense of atmosphere and a very dark narrative. Short, stylish and shocking first person horror. Highly recommended

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here (Contains Spoilers)

Download Embuscade Here (Windows)