Emily Morrison’s Garden – Game Jam Build


Emily Morrison’s Garden, a hardcore survival planting game made for the Ludum Dare 36, has you trying to keep the planet alive by planting lots of flowers in the correct seasons.

You are on an alien-like planet that rapidly changes seasons. These seasons slowly take over the land in sections, changing the environment as the day passes. The seeds that you have only work in specific seasons, as shown by a dial at the top of the screen. This dial will show a picture of a well bloomed plant in the start of the plant’s growing season and a dying plant when the plant dies. You can watch the seasons affecting a planted tree by standing near it and watching the timer tick on.

You must plant the trees in the right season and harvest them before they die to collect more seeds to plant once again! The planet is slowing dying, so you must keep plants growing to keep life alive. If the planet runs out of life, it will die and you will die with it. Emily Morrison’s Garden can be a little tricky to pick up, and does take a few attempts to understand completely, but once you get into planting the seeds to survive, it’s an addictive, beautiful and challenging little gardening experience. How many days can you keep this planet alive?

Play Emily Morrison’s Garden Here (Browser)