Emily Wants To Play Too – Beta Demo

Emily Wants To Play Too is a freaky jump scare-filled first person survival horror sequel in which you have to figure out how to interact with Emily and her dolls to stand any chance of survival.

Emily Wants To Play Too is the sequel to Emily Wants To Play, that looks set to ramp up the terror and jump scares significantly. The full game will put you in the shoes of a sandwich delivery man who ends up trapped in a crime research facility with Emily and her three evil dolls. The current demo build offers a short, self-contained adventure that sees your sandwich delivery man attempting to escape his apartment while being stalked by Emily’s dolls.

As in the original game, to escape the house you’ll have to figure out how to figure out the certain actions to perform at certain times to avoid the attention of the dolls. This can take more than a little trial and error, but randomized elements during each playthrough stop it from getting repetitive and really keeps you on edge from start to finish.

It’s a well crafted slice of first person horror with a real sense of tension, excellent audio/visual design, fun easter eggs and some superb jump scares. Well worth checking out for some freaky frights this Halloween.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Emily Wants To Play Beta Demo Here (Steam)