Empires in Ruins – Beta Download

Empires in Ruins blends tower defense with real time strategy as you gather resources, manage workers and build towers to protect your base from waves of attackers.

Taking place in a beautifully rendered medieval fantasy land, Empires in Ruins is a tower defense game with RTS elements which tasks you with defending your kingdom from a variety of attackers – from rabid dogs to bears and high-flying blimps. You earn gold for each enemy you kill (and a bonus for calling in the next wave early), but you also have to gather wood, stone and iron – which you do collect slowly over time and can build mines and lumber mills to gather them faster.

The full game promises a rich lore and a darkly humorous narrative, but the current Beta build focuses on the gameplay, giving you five different maps to try and conquer. It’s perhaps not as intuitive as it could be, for instance it’s hard to figure out what to do with some buildings (such as the Shrine) and it doesn’t do a great job of highlighting where you can build your structures (especially mines and lumberjacks). However, once you get to grips with it then then there’s a lot to like.

Empires in Ruins has a lot more depth than most tower defense games, with lots of different types of enemies to deal with, resource gathering, special abilities, worker management and a nice selection of upgrades each tower. You can even get the low-down on incoming waves of enemies, and you can select the attack priorities for each individual tower – so you can target the fastest enemy, the first one to appear, the toughest enemy or the closest one to your base.

It’s a great fusion of RTS and tower defense gameplay that makes every level feel like a tactical battle and has a wide variety of strategic options available to the player. If your empire does end up in ruins then you’ll only have yourself to blame!

Tip: Calling in the next wave early earns you a handy bit of cash.

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Download The Empires in Ruins Beta Here (Windows)