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Empty is a beautiful minimalist Zen-like puzzler in which you empty a room by rotating it so that objects disappear when placed on top of similarly colored backgrounds.

Part minimalist work of art, part puzzler and part play toy, Empty is a very relaxing puzzle experience. Your goal in each level is to empty the room. You do this by rotating the room so that objects are placed on top of matching backgrounds in such a way that they’re no longer visible. When they’re no longer visible thay actually disappear from the room and change the color of the background in the process.

Empty starts off fairly simply, but things get a little tricker later on, with you having to plan ahead to avoid getting stuck with the wrong colored walls to dispose of your final objects. It’s a very slick and stylish puzzler with some very clever level design and a wonderfully chilled out atmosphere. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Empty Here (Windows, Mac, Linux & Android)

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