Empty Shell – Prologue Download

Empty Shell is a tense top-down Sci-Fi horror roguelite shooter where you fight your way through an abandoned research facility in Japan.

In Empty Shell you are an operative who has been sent to complete certain objectives inside a research facility that’s been abandoned for decades. There are minor puzzles to solve, but in general your main worry is the monsters and the fact that ammo can be quite scarce. As you progress you’re able to purchase upgrades and you’ll be able to find documents from the 50’s that help shed some light on what went down there.

The camera does feel like it zooms out a little too much at times (a manual zoom option would be handy), but aside from that it’s a very tense and atmospheric experience. It’s got a real survival horror vibe, the visual style works really well and there are some very intense moments when you encounter some of the tougher enemies. The Empty Shell is full of promise.

Download The Empty Shell Prologue Here (Steam)