En Garde! – Student Project Game

En Garde! Is a fantastic 17th century swashbuckling adventure that sees your heroine using her sword skills to defend her family’s honor and reclaim their palace from hostile intruders.

In En Garde! You take on the role of Adalia de Volador, a young and impetuous swordswoman who has returned to her family home to find it swarming with the guards under the command of a mysterious mastermind who has captured it. You must now use your rapier and your wits to take out the guards and find who is at the bottom of this betrayal and bring them to justice.

En Garde! Takes place in one large open level that comprises your family palace. The combat is a little like Assassin’s Creed’s sword fights, but there’s a greater emphasis on using the environment to your advantage. You can knock guards off balconies, squash them by knocking bookcases on to or even cut chandeliers and splat anyone foolish enough to be standing below you.

It takes around 30 minutes to play through and is a rip-roaring adventure from start to finish. The fluidity of your movement, the environmental carnage and the openness of the level design make for a fantastic little swashbuckling romp full of action and spectacle. Highly recommended.

Note: Control Pad Recommended

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download En Garde! Here (or via Direct Download Here)