ENCHAIN – Alpha Demo

ENCHAIN is a fast paced low poly FPS where you use a special grappling hook to hack, slash, swing and shoot your way out of the depths of the underworld.

Drawing inspiration from Quake, Dark Souls and classic metroidvanias, ENCHAIN is a retro styled run ‘n gun FPS where you are a corpse that aims to arise from the stone depths of the underworld and doom all creation to a ceaseless death. To aid your escape you’ll have a selection of badass weaponry and a very nifty lantern hook (a combination of a grappling hook and a lantern).

The lantern hook comes in handy for a wide range of purposes, not only allowing you to swing and climb, but also giving you the ability to grab and throw enemies and small objects. Once you master it you’ll be able to use it to chain together kills into brutal combos as you hack, slash and shoot your way through the underworld.

Some of the grapple lantern mechanics feel a little too fiddly at the moment, but ENCHAIN certainly shows a lot of promise. It’s very fast paced, the low poly art style is great and the grapple lantern adds a lot of fun combat and traversal options. See if you can swing your way out of the underworld!

Download the ENCHAIN Alpha Demo Here (Steam)