Encom – Beta Download

encom game

Encom, a game being created by Hungryum, is an excellent TRON Light Cycle game that nails the audio/visual design of the Tron movies perfectly.

Remember the EPIC Light Cycle battle in both the original and sequel movies of TRON? Then you’re in for a real treat with this game. Encom puts you at the helm of your very own Light Cycle, making you relive one of the most awe-inspiring scenes in the movies. While in control of your Light Cycle you must utilise your glowing trail to trap the enemy and destroy their Light Cycles as fast as possible.

The modes available at the time of this test were Versus (Bots or Splitscreen Multiplayer) and Survival (in which you face off against ever increasing numbers of opponents), but there’s promise of other game modes coming in the future.  Both modes do wonders to showcase Encom’s fast-paced bike based combat, high-octane style and beautifully composed backing music (Created by ADN Compositions). The limited use of colour makes this game really pop. Showing off a light blue to white hue from the game grid and bright colours for the Light Cycles really catches your eye as you play.

We’ve seen TRON bike games in the past, but nothing quite as accomplished as Encom, and certainly nothing that recreates it’s unique audio/visual design so perfectly.  Encom is a MUST for fans of the TRON Franchise or anyone that used to love playing good old game of Snake!

Download the Encom Beta Here (Windows & Mac Only)