End Of The Mine – Alpha Demo

Endo of the Mine

End of the Mine, a game being created by Skirmish Entertainment, is a beautifully drawn 2D side-scroller that is not only action packed but full of suspense and cave spelunking that will either leaving you craving more or cowering in the corner as if the caves walls are closing in around you.

You play as a miner on a far away planet, trying to track down the missing crew members from your mining party. After find clues of their whereabouts, you stumble upon a gigantic cave. You enter said cave but are suddenly trapped by an unknown force. With only your trusty companion by your side you must venture thing the cave in search of your companions, while trying your hardest to avoid the creatures that lurk in the shadows of the cave. You hear quiet screams, wings flapping and claws scrapping a long the walls of the cave. You must save your friends, but to do so you must protect yourself at all costs as the monsters are coming for you.

End of the Mine is an incredibly well drawn game and is a blast to play. The opening cutscene as you wondering “just what where those things flying towards that guy, and better still who was that guy?”. As you drop in to the game you’re greeted with an information screen teaching you which keys to use and which buttons do what in the game. The ambience combined with the amazing level design instantly creates a swirl of fear that lingers in the back of your mind. There isn’t much music in the game yet but it helps set the tone for what you’re about to encounter, and also also makes you feel truly alone in this darkened cave. The colours are bleak and dark, making you feel as though the walls may cave in on you at any moment. The enemies contradict this and have bright hues and contrasts to make them more distinguishable.

Overall End of the Mine is an extremely enjoyable experience and we can’t wait to see how the project continues to grow over time.

Check out the Kickstarter & Download The Alpha Demo Here (Win & Mac)