End of Transmission – Game Jam Build Download

End of Transmission, a beautiful yet slightly creepy first person puzzle game made for the Global Game Jam 2018, sees you connecting light beams to different totem poles, in order to speak to the spaceship above each area.

In End of Transmission an ancient alien race has come back to this lifeless planet and has filled it with totems and columns – which seem to have been under the ground all along. It is said that data on the final lost human race is hidden through these crystal beacons, but you will need to deflect and merge the light coming from them to beam it back into the ship. This will then configure timeworn alien technology and unlock the unknown data of the human race.

Deflecting the light using these totems is pretty straight forward. There are various platforms in a given area as well as a collection of beacons. One main crystal beacon cannot be moved, neither can the beacons that are omitting light. You need to get all of the light beams to focus on the main crystal beacon. There are totems that can be moved to different platforms, which will deflect the light beams a specific way. Once you get use to moving these beams around, there will be more complex puzzles with different light colored beams at the same time. You can deflect more than one beam with a single totem, lining everything up perfectly to solve the puzzle before moving onto the next one.

It’s a short, stylish and well crafted little puzzle adventure. If you want to figure out what happened to the human race, you will need to focus and solve all of the light puzzles – or wonder endlessly about what has happened to this long dead world.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download End of Transmission Here (Windows)