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End Time Game Download

End Time is an very well crafted time bending first person puzzler that plays like a blend of Portal and Superhot, which sees you solving physics (and time) based puzzles by pausing, rewinding and slowing down time.

You do pick up a gun of sorts in End Time, but it’s not for shooting enemies – it’s a time manipulation device that allows you to screw with time in some very inventive ways. When activated it allows you to manipulate how fast time moves and even what direction it moves in, affecting every moving object in the game world except you. This allows for some very complex and ingenious puzzle design, but the game does a great job of easing you in, introducing abilities one at a time so as not to overwhelm you.

There are 14 levels in the current build of End Time, with it taking anywhere between 10 minutes and half an hour to complete depending on your problem solving abilities (there’s even a leaderboard for speed runners). As in Portal, each room is a separate puzzle for you to solve and each level uses your abilities in unique ways. The puzzle design can easily stand toe-to-toe with Valve’s puzzler, with time bending (and mind bending) puzzles that can often require you to think forwards and backwards in time simultaneously. It’s a remarkable bit of game design that constantly throws up surprises and Eureka moments. Highly recommended.

Stuck? Check Out a Full Playthrough By The Dev Here

Download The End Time Beta Here (Windows)

6 thoughts on “End Time – Beta Download”

  1. I play all the game, very good puzzles, i hope you keep workin on it and make some puzzles more harder

  2. The puzzles are great, but why is the game so slow? how do i solve it? (it is not lag, great FPS, but it is like in a constant slowmotion)
    PS: sorry for my bad english

    • Hi! Apologies, there was a VSync issue with the last build. A new build has been uploaded, it should work a lot better for you now. :)

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