Endless Blue – Beta Demo

Endless Blue is a 90’s styled fixed camera survival horror adventure where you investigate an incident in a secret underwater facility.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2021, Endless Blue is a classic survival horror adventure inspired by 90’s classics like Resident Evil, Fear Effect, Parasite Eve and Metal Gear Solid. In the game you follow the story of an operative who is sent to investigate an underwater research facility where a deadly incident has occurred. In true survival horror fashion, this will involve you exploring, scavenging useful items and weapons, solving puzzles and blasting grotesque monsters.

The new Endless Blue demo contains the entire (pretty much unaltered) first demo and about 20 minutes of all new content. You play through vertical slices of different sections of the game so it is a little disjointed, but what you can piece together of the story is very intriguing, especially in the second half where things get very weird!

The enemies could do with being a little more reactive to your gunshots, but the models are satisfyingly freaky and the tank controls work well. Meanwhile the puzzles are well implemented and require a bit more thought than RE’s style of just inserting objects into holes. The game is still a long way off completion, but what’s there is very promising indeed. A deep sea horror adventure well worth diving into.

Check Out an Endless Blue Gameplay Video Here

Download The Endless Blue Beta Demo Here (Windows)