Endless Rabbit Horde – Game Jam Build Download

endless rabbit horde

Endless Rabbit Horde, a TAG Jam 20 entry, will have you leading and sacrificing your own horde of rabbits for your own benefit!

In this platformer you will be guiding around a horde of rabbits. This horde can grow by eating small carrots in the ground. But, sometimes you might find you have too many rabbits. Rabbits jump and move at different speeds, and some are slower or faster than others. These rabbits may not be as helpful to the group, so you can choose to sacrifice them to move on.

Sacrificial bunnies also come in handy when lasers have to be turned off or walls of spikes need to be crossed, as you use their bodies to the overcome hazards.  You can even sacrifice several rabbits, and use their pile of corpses to jump higher and access out of reach platforms. If rabbits wonder too far from the main group of rabbits, they may also just die off. This is nothing to fret about – as long as you have one rabbit in your horde, you can move onto the next level.

Hop, Jump, and Sacrifice in this funny, rabbit leading game.

Download Endless Rabbit Horde HERE (Don’t Use Chrome, Google Hates GameJolt Downloads)