Endlight – Alpha Demo

Endlight is an eye-melting audio-visual extravaganza where you attempt to collect hoops as you fly through mesmerizing, chaotic cubic landscapes – and you’ll only ever be able to play each level once!

When you first clap eyes on Endlight it seems fondly reminiscent of Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s classic Rez, but Endlight is much more chaotic and each of its levels are designed to be played once and once only. The full game will come with 100 levels and every two months another 25 levels will be released for free. This will continue for three years, each of which will have special yearly challenges, and build to a special final challenge that will take place on Saturday March 2, 2024. As much as you try you won’t be able to go back and play levels that you’ve completed, so you’ll have to savour them while they last.

It’s not just the one-playthrough-only game structure of Endlight that breaks from the norm, the visual design is pretty wild too. Its levels are filled with a mesmerizing display of gyrating destructible cubes that you need to navigate through and when you collect hoops then you’re treated to an explosion of colors. It’s quite an overwhelming experience, but every now and again the game will slow things down a little for some fun surprise chats or more chilled out free-roaming levels that give you a little more time to appreciate the beauty of its surreal cubic worlds.

Whether you get on with Endlight will be a matter of taste asendlight its chaotic visuals and one-time only levels may not appeal to everyone. It would be nice if there was an option to turn off/down the effects that occur when you pick up a hoop as it can make it impossible to see what’s going on at times, but it’s one hell of an audio/visual experience that makes you appreciate the short time you spend with each level. A brave and bold piece of game making that will pummel your senses into submission.

Note: As with the full game, you can only playthrough this demo build once. However, on Dec 1 an extra special “Alpha Beta Gamer Challenge” will unlock for everyone to play!

Check Out Endlight in Steam Here

Download The Spacial Alpha Beta Gamer Demo Here (One Playthrough Only!)