Endling – Pre-Alpha Demo

Endling is a beautiful, touching and harrowing eco-conscious adventure where the last fox on Earth tries to raise her cubs and reach the only place left on Earth that mankind can’t harm them.

In Endling you take on the role of a mother fox who tries to look after her four little fox cubs in a ruined world full of pollution, traps and humans who will snap her neck if they get a hold of her. Each night you venture out of your burrow and attempt to catch food to feed your cubs.

Catching the food isn’t too hard, but the unexpected hazards you encounter along the way can have some serious repercussions. You need to be quick as you need to try and make it back to your burrow before daybreak. There are also narrative elements that play out as the days pass and your cubs grow up too.

The current build of Endling takes around 25 minutes to play through and it’s a captivating and beautiful adventure. It shares a little DNA with the Shelter games, but it’s a little more narrative-focused, the visuals are gorgeous and it’s got a very cool branching 2D world design. It’s a powerful experience – you fall in love with the mother fox and her little cubs as soon as you lay your eyes on them so you really want to protect them from the horrors of a world devastated by humans. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Endling Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Steam)