ENDO – Beta Demo

ENDO is a whimsical psychedelic first person puzzle platforming adventure with a stop-motion-esque visual style and gameplay that focuses on physical interaction.

In ENDO your aim is to make it to the exit portal of each level, but to get there you’ll need to explore and physically interact with the environment in lots of unique (and unexpected) ways. You’re not given any instructions, you simply explore it’s vibrant colorful world and figure things out for yourself, often prodding, pulling or shaking things to see what will happen. The environmental puzzles are very well crafted, requiring a nice mixture of experimentation, observation and logic to solve.

There’s a very playful aspect to the world design of ENDO, with it offering lots of fun little objects to experiment with. You might lift a rock and see some little worms wriggling away, hit mushrooms to create little tunes or touch a flower to make it soar into the air. None of those things have any relation to the puzzles in the game, but they’re great little touches that make you smile. The playful interactivity and the vibrant visuals of ENDO make your stay in its weird and wonderful world a very pleasant one. A delightful adventure that rewards experimentation and is full of fun surprises. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download ENDO Beta Demo Here (Steam)