Endora’s Box – Prototype Download


Endora’s Box if a witty and inventive point and click adventure game full of shady characters and interesting puzzles in which you attempt to escape from the surreal eternal void of a reverse engineered Pandora’s Box.

In Endora’s Box you play a teenager who is sucked into a strange dimension after opening a package that was mysteriously left on your doorstep. It turns out that this package was actually a thing called ‘Endora’s Box’ – a powerful box that was reverse engineered from Pandora’s Box in an attempt to harness its energy. When opened, instead of unleashing all manner of chaos into the world, it actually absorbs the person that opened it into an eternal void filled with all manner of oddities – might have been nice to know that before you opened it!

Your teenage protagonist seems a little non-plussed about being sucked into a realm of eternal chaos and spends most of his time staring at his phone. The phone does come in handy though as you can attach a nifty light filter that will help you uncover the many secrets Endora’s Box has to offer. As you progress you’ll solve inventive puzzles and meet some quirky, odd and downright untrustworthy characters including some very hungry ducks and a lonely computer. These strange and silly characters are a particular highlight, and really make a great counterfoil for your rather sensible protagonist.

Endora’s Box is pretty much a proof of concept demo for the dev’s planned full game, but it’s already a very polished experience, with great writing, excellent artwork, clever puzzles and memorable characters. Point and click adventure fans certainly won’t regret opening up Endora’s Box (although there is a small chance you’ll be sucked into an eternal void of unbound chaos!)

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Endora’s Box Here (Windows)