Engauge – Pre-alpha Demo


Engauge is a fun 2D action platformer set in a colorful and deadly world filled with machinery and natural wonders.

You play as robotic enigma named X1S where you have to fight through deadly areas and platform your way to the truth of your past.  Aside from the normal platforming and fighting, you will be able to pick up ‘cores’ that will swap your primary and secondary weapons/mechanisms with something else that will change your combat or platforming abilities – such as a hook to reach high places.

It’s a cool game that offers retro 2D action platforming thrills, with modern visuals, diverse combat, and lots of fun ideas that add depth to the gameplay.  It’ll engauge your brain as well as your reflexes.

Check out their Kickstarter Campaign HERE

Download the Pre-alpha Demo HERE (click the picture to download)