Engolasters – Game Jam Build Download

Engolasters Game Download

Engolasters, a short and strange point and click adventure made for the Ludum Dare 39, has you discovering aliens while trying to fix issues with your family at home.

You have been trying to discover alien life for as long as have you can remember. You even moved from the beautiful city of Barcelona to this cold, deserted place of Engolasters in search of these extraterrestrials. You’ve brought your family; your son and husband, here as well.

Today, you noticed something weird happening at the observation tower, but in the middle of checking it out, your son has called you. He’s angry at his father and doesn’t understand your search for aliens so is running away, however you might be onto something! You must decide how to handle your problems at home and your search for aliens. This gets even more complicated when you are contact by the aliens you are looking for.

You only have a few things with you out in the middle of nowhere; a phone and a car. Your phone has a few apps – a GPS, a camera, a way to call people, and a notepad. You are able to contact your son and husband via the phone, as well as see where you are and where other things are near you. You can even post on alien-related forums for help when it comes to your search. Your phone does have limited battery though, so much sure you use it wisely.

Speaking of limited, your car has a limited amount of gas and you’re bleeding out as well. You must watch your health, fuel and battery levels as you explore and attempt to get to the bottom of the alien mystery or fix your home life.  The town of Engolasters is pretty barren, but if you keep an eye out you may be able to find some resources to prolong your adventure.

It’s unique game, with great pixel artwork, an eerie atmosphere and an interesting narrative that features multiple endings depending on wether you search for the aliens, deal with your family or try to accomplish both. Just hope you don’t run out of fuel, battery or blood before you get wherever you’re going!

Download Engolasters Here (Windows)