Enliven – Game Jam Build Download


Enliven, a game created by Lonebot (Patacorow) for the Ludum Dare 34 Challenge, is a extremely cute puzzle platformer in which you plant seeds and grow different flowers to help you reach your exit.

In Enliven you play as a cute little fungus that wanders the forest without a care in the world. As you journey through the lush and colourful environment you will come across obstacles that you must overcome with the use of seeds. Each seed (there are four in total) has its own unique uses and can all be utilized to get you get from point a to b.

Enliven is simply devine, with colourful environments, well drawn background, music that calms your rage in a heartbeat, fun platforming and the simple pleasure of figuring out what each seed does. Sadly, due to the time constraints of the jam there are only had a few levels, but there’s also a fun sandbox level in which you can mess around with each seed until your hearts content.  It’s a joyful and chilled out gaming experience which you’ll fall head over seeds with!

Download or Play the Enliven Game Jam Build Here (Win & Browser)