Enoch: Children of Fate – Beta Demo

Enoch: Children of Fate is a Sci-Fi noir point and click adventure set on a crime-riddled space station in the year 2179.

In Enoch: Children of Fate you will follow the stoires of six different characters in a non-linear (Pulp Fiction-esque) story where different non-chronological chapters interweave with each other. The demo features one of these chapters and follows the story of Arten Long, a rather sarcastic criminal investigator who has been called out to investigate a gangland shooting that’s resulted in four dead bodies. It may just be a little inter-gang hostilities, but something doesn’t quite add up…

The actual puzzle gameplay in the Enoch: Children of Fate demo is fairly simple – which is understandable if it’s the first chapter of the story, but hopefully they get a little tricker in the full game. Also, Arten’s acerbic wise-cracking dialogue misses the mark occasionally, but on the whole she’s a lot of fun to spend some time with and it’s shaping up to be a great game.

The pixel artwork is excellent, it’s got a very interesting Sci-Fi noir setting, the voice acting is very well done and it’s got a compelling story. The characters are very well formed too, which makes being able to experience the game from six different people’s perspectives all the more enticing. A classic feeling point and click adventure with some great new ideas.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Enoch: Children of Fate Beta Demo Here (Steam)