Enter the Black Hole – Game Jam Build Download

Enter The Black Hole

Enter the Black Hole, a space shooter made for the gm(48) – Space Jam, has you sacrificing your crewmembers for the greater good as you venture into a black hole to learn more of the mysteries of the galaxy.

A black hole has appeared in Earth’s reach. Going out and exploring the black hole is a dangerous mission, but you have always said you wanted to solve the mysteries of space. So you decided to embark on this adventure with a crew of trusty specialists. These specialists, Brava, Baldwin, and Ebba, each take care of a different aspect of the ship. Brava is a skilled gunner, without her you will be unable to shoot, Baldwin operates the shield and if he is gone you cannot load up the shield to protect you, and Ebba controls bombs, if she dies you are unable to use them as  a backup for waves of enemies.

While you are traveling through space, other ships will appear and try to stop you. You will need to destroy them before they shoot, laser, or run into you. You only have three lives per wave, so you must be careful as you fly. As stated, going so close to the black hole is very dangerous. Sometimes, it pulses causing damage to the ship. You have to push forward with your mission, so you have to decide which member of your crew will sacrifice themselves to fix the issue so you can continue on. This crew member’s ability will be removed from the ship, so make sure you don’t count on it for your mission!

Fulfil your dream of discovering the mysteries of space and make sure your crews sacrifices are worthwhile as you take on this increasingly challenging shoot em up!

Download or Play Enter the Black Hole Here (Win & Browser)