Enterchained – Prototype Download


Enterchained is a 2D co-op gladiator hack and slash game with a great art style where you fight to the death in a Colosseum.  You’re not alone though, you are literally chained with a fellow (playable) gladiator which you use to your advantage when fighting enemies, tripping them with your chains and hacking them to death.

Fittingly for a gladiator game, the game is really brutal with lots of violence and blood splatter.  There’s a nice variety of enemies, with you fighting off wave after wave, and because your chained with your gladiator buddy, you will have to work together to get the maximum co-op/killing effect out of it.  If you’re looking for some unique co-op combat with plenty of gladitorial violence, Enterchained will certainly keep you entertained.

Check out the gameplay trailer HERE

Download the Prototype HERE