Entire Screen Of One Game, ARENA++ & Nowhere – 3 GameJam Builds That Will Melt Your Brain

Nowhere 1

This Ludum Dares theme was to fit an ‘entire game on one screen’ – we’ve hand-picked some of the entrants have done that and a whole lot more, with 3 games designed to melt your brain: Entire Screen Of One Game, ARENA++ and Nowhere.


Entire Screen Of One Game 

Entire Screen On One Game 1

Entire Screen On One Game turns the tables on Ludum 31’s theme to a mind-warping degree – with an infinite amount of screens shrinking into each other, while you control the character who is also the screen.  If this premise sounds a little confusing, then just wait until you play it – it will break your mind.  There is no actual goal in Entire Screen On One Game, just have fun, and try to stay sane!

Play Entire Screen On One Game HERE



ARENA++ puts the player into a small arena filled with gun wielding skeletons. The player, however, does not have any life. Instead, there is a timer in the middle of the room and as you get hit, the timer goes down faster. If the timer runs out, then the arena becomes one block smaller around the player, keeping the remaining skeletons in the block. If the player is able to destroy the wave of zombies, the arena gets one block bigger, and even more enemies appear. The transition of arena size freezes all bullets and skeleton movement. The player is still able to move.

If the arena is big, it is easier to shoot the skeletons as well as dodge their attacks. This game gets challenging fast, with each round only lasting a few seconds. The smaller the arena, the more challenging it becomes to keep yourself out of harms way.  This super simple, fast past shooter is very addictive and will be sure to keep you on your toes!

Play ARENA++ in a Unity supported browser HERE


nowhere 3

Nowhere is another game that is designed to mess with the players head.  A simple twitch based reflex game where you simly have to press ‘Q’ or ‘E’ according to the onscreen prompts.  Press the correct button and you’ll go deeper into the endless array of computer screens, your time to perform this action decreases the deeper you go so you’ll eventually panic and mess up, gettng hurled backwards out of an infinite amount of screens.

This oddity from Toco Games is a mind-bending and hypnotic experience that’s technically the deepest and most 3rd person game you’ll ever play!

Download Nowhere HERE