Entomophobia – GameJam Build


Entomophobia is a GameBoy styled Ludum Dare 31 twin-stick blaster that has the player collecting power-ups and defeating waves of icky arthropods on a single chaos-filled screen.

This game, which looks just like it is being displayed on a GameBoy Color, has the player controlling the main and only character and their crossbow. With this crossbow, you must destroy waves and waves of huge bugs. After a wave of bugs are destroyed, a power-up will appear in the center of the screen and even more bugs will appear. These power-ups could increase your range, damage, amount of arrows shot, or just your health. It’s completely random as to which power-up appears so each play through is that little bit different. Any power-up that is gained is then shown at the top of the screen, so the player can view their stats.

At first, the bugs that surround the character are pretty simple to kill, but can corner you. This adds a bit of a challenge, but as the waves increase, more challenging bugs appear. Their dead corpses and blood start to decorate the field as you destroy more and more. This game can get hectic fast, but is very addictive and has a great retro GameBoy feel.  If you manage to fend off 24 waves enemies, there’s even a big boss battle to top things off.

With fast, fun and addictive gameplay it’s great fun fighting off waves of icky bugs on this old GameBoy styled game.

Download or Play Entomophobia in a Unity Supported Browser HERE