Entropy’s Fall – Prototype Download

Entropys Fall Game Download

Entropy’s Fall is an interesting blend of stylized 2D graphic novel-inspired visuals, physics based platforming and Shadow of the Colossus-esque boss fights as you attempt to slay colossal mythical warriors.

In Entropy’s Fall you control Kayos, a powerful warrior who has been tasked by the God of Justice to hunt down and kill the Arafa – mythical and well respected beings who each contain part of the soul of an even more powerful deity. It’s an interesting narrative, that much like Shadow of the Colossus, makes you feel a little guilty for slaying the last of those huge magnificent beings. What follows is an epic adventure with no minions or filler, just huge boss fights that play out like an intricate puzzle.

The current build of Entropy’s fall is very early in development so has quite a few rough edges There’s quite a lot of placeholder art, the animation can feel a little clunky at times and your character doesn’t feel as mobile as he should be for a game so focused on environmental traversal – which makes the boss fight infuriatingly tough.

It does have a lot of promise though – at times the artwork is stunning, the narrative is very intriguing, the huge bosses look very cool and the level traversal mechanics are fun when you get to grips with them. It has a lot of rough edges, but it’s a unique experience that has the potential to be great with a bit more development.

Note: DO NOT USE AN XBOX CONTROL PAD – the controls are mapped to a PS4 controller. You can use an Xbox control pad, but you are unable to sprint. Although awkward, we recommend using Keyboard and mouse controls. Shift is sprint and Ctrl can be used to dodge and skip cutscenes.

Note 2: If you die during the first level then you’ll head straight to the boss fight, which features some frustrating game design that will cause plenty of rage quitting. You can climb along the Boss (Shadow of the Colossus-style) using the climb button, but getting up there is a nightmare (involves dodging attacks and running up the sword).

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