Environmental Station Alpha – Alpha Demo

Environmental Station Alpha

Environmental Station Alpha is an excellent metroidvania action adventure platformer with a cool pixel art visual style, challenging gameplay, intelligent level design and a fantastic soundtrack.

You land on Environmental Station Alpha with only a jump and a nifty blaster gun at your disposal, but in true Metroidvania fashion, you’ll soon unlock some useful upgrades – including a rather handy grapple gun.  The level design is particularly impressive as you wander around the station, with a nice selection of different visually themed areas, challenging platforming and whole areas that will drastically transform.

As you blast and jump your war through Environmental Station Alpha the gameplay is tough, but never unfair.  There’s a nice selection of enemies to take on, all with distinct attack patterns, including over 15 large bosses.  It’s a thoroughly enjoyable metroidvania romp, an old school action platformer that challenges and delights.

Watch our untimely death HERE

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