ENYO Arcade – Alpha Demo

Enyo Arcade

ENYO Arcade is a very cool 2D action adventure game with a great looking pixel art-style, smooth gameplay, lots of weaponry and some nice surprises.  It draws favourable comparisons to MetroidMega Man and Contra, but with plenty of nice ideas of it’s own.

You start off in the game running for your life from a place that’s about to self destruct, fighting corrupted creatures through well crafted, branching levels.  It can be played with mouse and keyboard or a controller, using an Abuse-Style control scheme, with the mouse or right analogue stick aiming your gun reticule.  

Even in these early stages of development, the game is surprisingly well polished, with your characters platforming and combat controls working superbly.  The gritty 2D pixel art style of ENYO Arcade is excellent, giving the game a real sense if identity and attitude.

The Alpha Demo is a great slice of 2D action adventure that we’d highly recommend giving a go.  It’s one that’s worth keeping an eye on in the future too, as future updates will feature Mechs and Jets and boss fights.

Watch a Let’s Play of it HERE

UPDATE: Alpha Demo No Longer Available