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Ephemeral is a beautiful little game that sees two entities forming a forming a relationship, then falling in and out of love as they plummet to their doom.

Featuring a beautiful minimalist art style, and some wonderful writing, during the games short playtime you really start to feel for the couple and hope that they’ll get together.  Whether they do or not is up to you – as you complete small reflex or logic based minigames the screen will become lighter and the character will draw closer.  However, fail these minigames (and some of them are a little tricky), and they will have a big argument and retreat from each other.

Lasting around 10 minutes, Ephemeral is a wonderful little game, the writing is very clever and the audio/visual design is superb.  As you fall through the sky, the act of falling in and out of love is beautifully represented through the visual cues and writing.  Whether it’ll be a happy ending is up to you – much like any relationship, it’ll require a bit of effort to make things work.


Ephemeral.exe located in /Bin

Controller required for play

For the ‘protect your partner from the glowing orbs’ minigame, use left and right to control your ‘shield’ (not 360 degree motion)

Download Ephemeral HERE (Link at Bottom of Page)

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